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And as soon as you've watched it,
hurry up and read the rest of this
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you're on board with your
... ready to start winning at this week's
European Tour and PGA Tour events.


Dear Reader,

Imagine the heart stopping adrenaline rush you'd experience after a 250/1 winner pocketed you £1,500 from only a fiver each-way.

Or following that up with a 80/1 winner within the space of just a fortnight, putting you on cloud nine after bagging another £480.

In fact…

Since May 2014 when this opportunity first went live, you'd have been firmly rooted in punting dreamland from a string of unforgettable winners including...

£1,050 winnings from a HUGE 175/1 jaw-dropper, plus another staggering 200/1 winner for an extra £1,200.

Now all these unbelievable double and treble figure winners are like free gifts from the "Betting Gods", but they're pretty much impossible to rack up regularly if you bet on horses or football, or even tennis or cricket.

Because from what I've been told...

The shrewdies in-the-know all completely agree that it's definitely possible to win money from the bookies by exploiting a sport where, for reasons I'll explain further down, they have a chink in their armour - and that's golf.

And over the next 30 days, starting with this week's European Tour and PGA Tour events, you'll have an opportunity to financially benefit from what I call "the bookies golf betting blindspot" by simply copying an insider (well, he's more of a whistleblower really as you'll discover when you keep reading on) who's secretly been on my payroll, churning out massive priced winners like clockwork since May 2014.

And what's more...

Even if you've never placed a golf bet in your life, you can still totally relax knowing that all you have to do is copy my expert's personal winning bets to come out on top.

Plus I'm always around to hold your hand (well not literally!) right from the moment you're sent your welcome email.

Get ready to lap up a HUGE WINNER
yourself over the next 30 days...
and you might even be celebrating
more than one!

It's already been proven all the way back to May 2014...

As I'll show you in a minute...

That the Insider has made a regular habit of delivering scintillating winners...

The kind that you could be celebrating yourself once you dip-your-toe-in-the-water from today with your FULLY PROTECTED, 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 30 DAY TRIAL to the specialist Golf Insider Tournament Winners advisory service.

Take a look at just some of these "wonder bets" advised by the Insider...

What's more, in recent months, there's
a whole series of golfers who also won
tournaments and where YOU would
have won big from the bookies...
And even when the Insider's shrewd bets
don't actually finish 1st in a tournament,
you can STILL end up nicely in front

Take one bet at the RSM Classic for instance, where the totally unfancied Camilo Villegas finished in the places (in fact he was tied 6th) at 500/1.

Had you been involved back then, you'd have notched up another winning tournament as the bookies would have been forced to give you £368.75 from, say, a small £5 each-way bet.

And there's been a string of other players since I teamed up with the Insider where you'd have won money from small fivers each-way. Here's some examples…

And looking back through every single bet,
going all the way back to May 2014,
winners have just kept on coming from this
laser-guided, professional golf advice

It started back in May 2014 when the Golf Insider Tournament Winner service announced its arrival with a 70/1 winner within two weeks of opening its doors to a select number of private members.

But that victory by Martin Kaymer in the Players Championship was just the beginning.

Because it was followed by a relentless onslaught on the bookies which continued through the rest of 2014, 2015, and then 2016.

A mauling of the layers that saw members of the service rack up an eye-watering haul that eventually amounted to 308 points clear tax-free profit (to level stakes), taking thousands upon thousands from the bookies.

Then came 2017...

Another big winning year...

To pick out a few examples, Justin Thomas in the Tournament of Champions at 22/1... landed a tax-free windfall of £137.50.

Adam Hadwin won the Valspar Championship at advised odds of 80/1... meaning for a small £5 EW stake members were able to pocket a cool £480 profit.

Sergio Garcia won the US Masters at 40/1... that was another wallet-filler of £250.

Kevin Chappell took the Valero Texas Open after members were told to back him at 28/1... and a few days later they were putting another £175 profit in their back pockets.

And then...

If all these winners weren't enough...

In the same week Golf Insider members were given...

Alex Noren at 20/1 in the BMW PGA Championship and, over in the US, Kevin Kisner at 28/1 in the Dean & Deluca Invitational.


Two events. Two huge Tournament Winners.

Some members even doubled-up the two players and landed a 608/1 win double. Unbelievable! A £5 each-way double that returned a £3,275 profit!!

So by the end of 2017, members who had been with the Insider since Day 1, and there were plenty, were over 400 points (and in some cases tens of thousands of pounds) in profit.

Ok, that's all well and good, but you must be thinking that 2017 was a while ago now, what about last year? Did the Golf Insider keep up this amazing performance in 2018...

Answer: Yes, he did!

It was another hatchet job on the bookies as the Golf Insider ruthlessly exploited numerous blindspots in their operation to pick-off winner after winner... rounding off the year in style with a stunning 80/1 success.

And so by the end of 2018, profits were heading towards 500 points to level stakes.

Moving into 2019, and there was still
no place to hide for the bookies...

Once again members re-traced their steps, and walked along a well-worn path, that took them back to the payout counter time-and-again...

And in the process they have backed the BIGGEST PRICED WINNER EVER ADVISED by the service not once... but twice!!

First of all, in April 2019, members were served up a massive 175/1 winner as Corey Conners landed the Valero Texas Open.

And then if that wasn't enough...

Later in the year, in December, the Golf Insider hit the absolute motherload with the 200/1 success of Rasmus Hojgaard in the Mauritius Open.

Just a modest £5 EW stake on the unknown Dane would have handed them a wallet-busting £1,200 profit.

Now that's what you call a winner-of-a-lifetime!!!

Here's some of the big-priced winners that members backed last year...

So by the end of 2019, the Golf Insider's verified betting profits to LEVEL STAKES zoomed past 600 points since the first golfer he advised to members back in May 2014.

And you know what..?

Through 2020 and 2021 members just kept on backing winners...

And even bigger than before!!

Not with just another 150/1+ plus winner...

But with the Golf Insider's biggest winner to date (Martin Laird) who won at odds of 250/1 with the High Street firms, and paid a whopping 320.00 on the exchanges!!

And then another winner just before the US Masters, with Robert MacIntyre in Cyprus.

... and then another in the QBE Shootout to finish off the year as Harris English & Matt Kuchar win this end-of-year pairs event.

And what all this meant...

By the end of 2021, members had made over 800 points profit to level stakes... scooping up an average of over 100 points profit per year!

Then we get into this year...


So looking ahead to the rest of 2022...

There's so many high quality tournaments to look forward to (and make money from) this year with a series of Majors, WGC events, the FedEx Cup, Race To Dubai, Presidents Cup...

What's more, away from the Tournament Winner market...

As a special bonus feature, new members now receive exclusive EXTRA betting advice for the four golf Majors (US Masters, PGA Championship, US Open and Open Championship).

And it started off at the US Masters from Augusta...

They were given Charley Hoffman, a 90/1 winner in the Round 1 Leader market...

This bet alone paid out £540 in winnings for just a £5 each-way stake - more than a whole year's membership covered by the returns from one small bet.

And if that wasn't enough, the Insider almost topped this with Erik Van Rooyen who tied 2nd at 125/1 in the Open Championship at Carnoustie. The South African losing out on the very last hole!!

As a new member, you'll get these EXCLUSIVE MAJORS ONLY BETS included at no extra charge with your Golf Insider subscription.

So, in terms of your membership, for 2022 the Golf Insider has his sights firmly set on the next target - 900 points profit to level stakes (an average of over 100 points profit per year) and this will surely come with you on board to claim your share.

Now from what the Golf Insider told
me, all the way back in June 2014,
when I first met him in London…

There are specific standout reasons why bookies have weaknesses when it comes to golf betting, and when you keep reading, you'll soon understand why signing up for your FULLY PROTECTED, 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 30 DAY TRIAL can mean you potentially cash-in over the next 30 days.


Because bookies mainly focus on racing and football, they give limited resources to their golf operations, and in some cases, only employ just one odds compiler.

This under-staffed, under-resourced position leads to situations where players are priced up at bigger odds than they should be, meaning you can end up getting, say, 120/1 about a player who should be 80/1.

Odds can get plucked out of thin air, or they're copied from other bookies, creating perfect opportunities for the Insider to start showing you how to punish them using your FULLY PROTECTED, 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 30 DAY TRIAL.

And there's also another crucial reason why strategically betting on Tournament Winners using only small each-way stakes (say as little as £5) can mean 175/1, 200/1, 250/1 and loads more HUGE WINNERS could be heading your way.


It surprised me, but the Golf Insider was adamant that most odds compilers don't have an in-depth handle on player form, especially players outside the Top 50 in the world rankings.

They tend to only focus on basic current and course form, and lean towards odds compilation based on player scores (i.e. what a player shot in their last round, or previous tournament).

But they ignore most of the important statistics like…

  GIR (Greens-In-Regulation)

  Driving Distance

  Driving Accuracy

  Ball Striking


  Total Putts

  All-Round Rankings

It's no surprise though, as you'll see in a second when I reveal my insider's computer ratings model and value machine, that he's all over them like a rash because they provide the key ingredients that can give you an outstanding chance of copying him and winning money.

Oh and I must mention another positive point that tilts the golf betting scales in your favour.

Bookmaking is a cut-throat business with firms increasingly having to price up their Tournament Winner markets more aggressively, or offer enhanced each-way terms where you can get paid out up to 8 places, to compete with each other.

And this is great news for golf punters in general, and especially if you're on board with the Insider.

As you might already know...

There is, in fact, only one way to truly win money from betting (and it certainly applies to piggybacking this industry insider's shrewd bets).

You simply ONLY EVER bet when the odds are in your favour and you have VALUE on your side.

Now the word value has most amateur punters running a mile, and you'll hear them spout rubbish like…

"I just want to back winners. I don't worry about the odds I take."

And you'll know yourself, this is totally wrong.

Just like picking-up a £1,000 top-of-the-range TV for £150... or getting your monthly gas bill down from £100 to a tenner... bargains like this offer cracking VALUE!

And it's exactly the same with betting. The pricing mistakes made by bookies on golf can certainly open the door for you to repeatedly celebrate HUGE WINNERS.

The $64,000 question though is how do you know whether a golfer in a typical 150 player tournament is being offered by bookies at good or value odds?

Well, I've got the answer... because I'd now
like you to meet my mysterious insider who you
can simply copy to land HUGE WINNERS for
BIG PAYOUTS of £1,050, £1,200 and £1,500 from
just small £5 each-way bets

Now don't be shocked when I say he's a bookie!

As I've already hinted at, from what I've been directly told by my industry insider, bookies in general do have something of a blind spot with golf betting, so it might seem odd I'm asking you to copy someone who works for the 'old enemy'.

But keep reading on and you'll see why you shouldn't be surprised at all if he gives you players during your 30 day trial that you end up backing for fivers each-way who win at double, or even treble figure odds.

I've been in contact with him since early 2014 after he responded to an online advert I placed where I was seeking experts to join my team of professional advisors.

And when I met up with him again in London in September of that year he was about to take up a new, senior odds compiling role with a major High Street bookie.

His life revolves around his passion for golf betting. It's his day job and hobby rolled into one which makes for a devastatingly powerful combination for long-term betting success, giving you a cracking opportunity to stake small, but win big on 175/1, 200/1 and 250/1 winners.

And it's because of his extensive experience built up in bookies trading rooms over many years that he's studiously learnt about value, which golf markets can be exploited (especially Tournament Winner bets) and which ones are very hard to beat.

For years he's kept his mouth shut and ears open, watching how other odds compilers go about their business.

Because on-the-side, away from his day job of trading and managing betting risk, he exploits the errors he sees at other bookies firms, and feathers his own nest even more as he actively bets to rake in thousands and thousands of pounds a year.

A fox in the chicken coop… with his
own computer ratings model and
value machine!

He's as sharp as a tack, and a bit like a fox stuck in a chicken coop, he has a field day when his fellow bookies continually mess up their odds.

But how does he spot Tournament Winner bets offering the right value odds?

Well, for him, it's a simple two-stage process.

1. Each week his own computer ratings model allocates numbers and rankings to every golfer.

And these specialised ratings allow him to shortlist and focus on players he might want to back, as well as knowing which ones he should be opposing.

2. Then, his pricing software comes into play - something he refers to as his value machine - which he's developed and got optimised to unearth specific bets.

Apparently it's a clever bit of jiggery pokery software that he privately puts through its paces away from the prying eyes of his colleagues.

It allows him to produce his own odds for every player in a tournament, and then compare them with the odds actually being offered by bookies to see if there are any significant value differences.

Now I've always got the impression when I've met him, his computer models will one day be his ticket out of bookmaking and into becoming a full-time professional golf gambler.

And I suppose by giving him this opportunity to share his golf betting skills and Tournament Winner bets with you...

As long as you move on this now and take advantage of your FULLY PROTECTED, 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 30 DAY TRIAL

Then he could build up a very loyal following for himself in the tipster industry (and he's certainly been doing that since May 2014.)

Anyway, you probably want to know the answer to a key question I asked the Insider the very first time I met him…

"How does your computer ratings model and value machine give you, and someone who copies your targeted bets, a winning edge?"

His answer was…

And he went on…

Finally, he summed up by saying…

So where's the proof that HUGE WINNERS
at staggering odds as BIG as 250/1 could also
be heading your way, starting this week...

I can only tell you what I, and other members I've selectively invited on board to share his Tournament Winner bets, have seen with our own eyes…

And it's been enough since May 2014 to invite you to discover for yourself why my insider's bets have the long-term potential to continue to send the bookies reeling.

Remember as well…

Starting with this week's European Tour and PGA Tour events you'll have 30 FULL DAYS from today to see what you think with your FULLY PROTECTED, 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 30 DAY TRIAL.

Now they say history has a habit of repeating itself, and from the run of HUGE winning bets at double and treble figure since the service started, I couldn't agree more.

Is there anything else you need to know
before I reveal why RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to WIN BIG by snapping up your

Well, before you start your trial and simply copy my insider's personal Tournament Winner bets for expected BIG RETURNS of £1,050, £1,200 and £1,500

I want to make sure I give you the answers to a few questions you may have on your mind.

These Q&A's prove I'm inviting you to profit
from a not-to-be-missed opportunity

Q. I'd really love to nail down a FULLY PROTECTED, 100% MONEY-BACK
for your Golf Insider's Tournament Winner bets,
     but I've never heard of you Matthew, so how can I trust what you're saying
     here is true?

A. I understand my name might not mean anything to you…

And if I were in your shoes, with so many betting services and systems offered to
you (most of them by characters who've only been in the industry for 5 minutes),
I'd also be very careful who I dealt with.

So let me give you a few basic facts about me for your own peace of mind.


I've been involved in successfully running professional advisory services for over
20 years and the Golf Insider is part of my current portfolio.


I've recruited and worked alongside some of the very biggest names in the betting industry and racing world like Lester Piggott, Patrick Veitch, Dave Nevison and Nick Mordin.


Smart Betting Club (SBC) - who are, as you know, a highly respected third party
authority on the authenticity and quality of tipsters - are sent the Golf Insider bets
in advance of tournaments, and can vouch for my own standing within the industry.


All of the member feedback on this site is genuine, and records of emails are held
on file at my office.


Unlike a lot of here-today-gone-today operators, I don't hide behind an email
address and can never be contacted.

You can ALWAYS call me directly at my office (01625 315654), or on my personal mobile (07752 768094).

It's little wonder then that I regularly get the thumbs-up from members like Baz

"I think your honest approach and fair terms to punters are what sets you aside from all the other tipsters out there, and the easy in, easy out subscriptions is something that really impresses me and I expect is the main reason many people continue to try your services."


"It's always very reassuring that all your services have the edge & personal touch about them."


"The only purpose of this reply being solely to thank you for the immense amount
of trouble and effort you put into all your advice."

And Dan, Grace, Andy, David and Robert

"The level of your customer service gives me a lot of confidence already." Dan

"Thanks for the response. The level of customer care is refreshing. I shall make
mention of it when I am on the betting forums."

"You are one of the few genuine guys out there." Andy

"It was really nice to speak to you yesterday. You're one of the VERY FEW people
who head up a company that I've actually spoken to !!!!!"

"Thank you for your professionalism and your service. In your field it is a
refreshing change."


My word is my bond, and that's why I'm more than happy to offer you the genuine opportunity to try my insider's Tournament Winner bets with your very own FULLY PROTECTED, 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 30 DAY TRIAL.

Q. What if I'm new to golf betting and have never placed a golf bet
     in my life?

A. Well you'd actually be in very good company.

What I mean is that lots of members first get involved without having much experience
of betting on golf.

But you'll quickly realise you can totally relax knowing that all you have to do is copy
my insider's personal winning bets to come out on top over the long-term.

And I'm always around to hold your hand (well not literally!) right from the moment
you're sent your welcome email.

I'll provide you with an FAQ support website which gives you the plain English
answers to the questions I've often be asked from new members in the same boat
as you.

And as I've already said, you'll have all my contact details - email and phone numbers -
to be able to put your hand up and ask me anything you want, whether it's opening
bookies accounts, placing bets, or making sure you've been paid out correctly.

I can't control the results - that's the Insider's job - but I can give you the very best
back-up support and advice you'll find anywhere in the industry.

Q. Why can't you just tell me who the Golf Insider really is?

A. If I could, I would.

But one of the reasons he's prepared to share his personal bets with you if you
get on board for your 30 DAY TRIAL, is because I have guaranteed his real identity
will remain a secret.

Actually, I've been forced to include an anonymity clause in his contract so I'm
legally hamstrung from revealing exactly who he is.

To be perfectly frank…

There is a potential conflict of interest in him providing his personal bets disguised under the name of the Golf Insider whilst he's also involved in the bookmaking industry.

Yes, I call him an insider, but the correct word should probably be whistleblower!

Q. How do I find out about your insider's Tournament Winner bets during

A. Well, whenever he tells me he's placed any of his personal bets, I'll do two things...

1. I'll immediately send you an email with all the details.

It will be easy for you to understand the bets because I'll include...

- The tournament name

- The player's name

- Which bookies are currently offering the best odds

- And something called the OVOM

The OVOM means Optimal Value Odds Marker, and the Insider includes it with
every bet because it's generated from his value machine. It gives you guidance so
you can bet just like a professional golf gambler and maximise your long-term winnings. Basically, as best you can, you always want to be aiming to strike your bets around
the OVOM figure.

I can also send you the stakes the Insider personally puts on his bets, in case you
want to copy him exactly and potentially match the hundreds of pounds profit he's
made on average every month.

Oh and by the way, to give you an insight into the methods, strategies and calculations
he uses to come up with the bets, he'll include brief descriptions with every Tournament Winner bet he shares with you.


2. I'll send you a free text alert with abbreviated details of the bets in case you're
out and about and away from your computer.

Q. How many bets should I expect to receive?

A. The Insider uses a tried-and-tested risk and reward strategy that means you'll be
     sent multiple bets for most tournaments.

This allows his betting edge (which is created by his value machine) to have a greater chance of generating him (and you) a long-term profit.

So rather than backing just one over-priced player in a tournament, he ends up backing, say, 4 or 5 golfers when the bookmakers odds are much bigger than they should be.

Consequently, the performance of his bets is less volatile with more frequent
returns compared to only backing one player in each event... and this can be seen from the long line of past Tournament Winner bets that have finished in the places.

Q. When will I be sent bets?

A. Normally there are two tournaments every week which both start on a Thursday -
     one over in the USA (on the PGA Tour), the other on the European Tour.

And as long as the Insider has identified value bets with the aid of his whizzy-dizzy computer ratings model and value machine, I'll pass them on to you every week
before a Thursday. Most of the time this will be around 12 noon on a Tuesday, and the same time on a Wednesday... and as you'll see next, you'll also be getting some high winning strike rate BONUS bets.

Let me also spell out your

Not only am I handing you the opportunity to land the biggest priced winners you'll probably have ever backed on any sport with these laser-guided Tournament Winner bets...

... I'm also going to put your winning potential on steroids by including not one, not two, but a total of 3 EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS GIFTS.

And they are...

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS #1 - Round 1 3-Ball Winners

I said earlier that the Insider knew exactly which golf markets you can exploit and those you shouldn't touch with a bargepole.

And another area where he also has a winning history, that he's also going to share with you through your trial and beyond, are his highly accurate Round 1 3-Balls.

Since May 2014, when he first launched the Golf Insider service with me, these bets have notched up an overall winning strike rate of 52.52% and a very impressive Return On Investment (ROI) of 20.89%, proving beyond any doubt, his value machine is tuned up to the max.

And when they're combined with the Tournament Winner bets, the proven past performance figures are extremely impressive...

In fact they're a goldmine of profits in their right, never mind when paired with the highly-lucrative Tournament Winner bets.

So it's little wonder that members have been quick to latch onto the profit-making potential of these bets...

[Email me now for up-to-date profit figures on these bookie-busting 3-Ball bets]

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS #2 - Major Tournament Speciality Bets

As a double bonus to the Golf Insider service you will now receive extra, exclusive bets during the four golf Majors held each year... the US Masters, PGA Championship, US Open, and finally the Open Championship.

These will include Round 1 Leader bets (the type which delivered Charley Hoffman's stunning 90/1 success at Augusta), plus Top 20 Finish bets and anything else which the Insider is personally backing himself.

These bets are 100% FREE and will sent out to you as a BONUS whenever a Major golf tournament is played.

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS #3 - Weekly Pre-R4 Updates

Each week, the Golf Insider will share with members of the service his thoughts ahead of the final round of each tournament in Europe and the US.

These updates will include a look at the outright market, lowest scorer of the day, 2-ball betting (and 3-ball markets, where applicable).

You'll receive this advice free of charge on top of your regular service features.

And proof that this in-play information really pays its way... already in 2022, members have collected on winners at 25/1 & 50/1 (Hudson Swafford - twice! - in the American Express) plus a bumper 100/1 payday (Jonathan Byrd at the AT&T Pebble Beach)...

Plus a host of wallet-friendly EW place payouts at 40/1, 28/1, 45/1, 18/1, 50/1...

All sent to you. All 100% FREE. When you join the Golf Insider today.


I've mentioned your special subscription deal a few times already so let me spell out the exact details.

Now the way I see it...

You're taking the background, top-notch credentials and winning ability of the Insider to churn out a steady stream of HUGE WINNERS on trust.

Well, I want to reward your trust by giving you a GUARANTEE where you know you can sleep easy.

In a nutshell…

Over the next 30 days...

Starting with this week's European Tour and PGA Tour events...

You can INSTANTLY step into his shoes and begin to copy his highly profitable Tournament Winners, plus the 3 EXTRA BONUS GIFTS...

- Round 1 3-Ball Winners

- Major Tournament Speciality Bets

- Exclusive Pre-R4 Golf Insider Updates

All of which you'll also be able to enjoy, using your 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 30 DAY TRIAL.

This is like being given a set of betting stabilisers, where you know, with 100% CERTAINTY, you can give the Golf Insider Tournament Winners service a go for the next 30 days for a monthly subscription of £37.00+VAT (£44.40)…

And if you're not 100% SATISFIED at any point within your first 30 days…

I personally GUARANTEE I'll refund you in FULL and WITHOUT ANY QUESTIONS.

So if you're not convinced small £5 each-way bets can land you 175/1, 200/1, 250/1 and even more HUGE WINNERS

No problem. You can have all your subscription back.

Or if you've gone toe-to-toe with the bookies at any of the tournaments within your 30 day trial, and not delivered knockout blows…

No problem. You can have all your subscription back.

Or even if you don't believe strategically betting on golf can deliver BIG RETURNS of £1,050, £1,200 and £1,500 from small stakes…

No problem. You can have all your subscription back.

It all boils down to this

Within the first 30 days of your Golf Insider Tournament Winners subscription, you can contact me by email or phone and ask for a refund, and you don't even need to give me a reason why you're quitting.

Your FULLY PROTECTED, 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 30 DAY TRIAL is TOTALLY rock-solid so you can sign-up today with MAXIMUM CONFIDENCE.

My Guarantee
And get this...

You could even win money during your 30 day trial...

And still decide to walk away.

And I'd still give you back every penny of your subscription.

But from all the real-life evidence since May 2014, enjoying massive odds winners can be addictive...

And I'm certain when you get a taste for it, you'll be keen to stay on board way beyond your first 30 days.

Obviously, due to the nature
of golf betting...

The longer you simply copy my insider, selectively backing golfers primed to win tournaments at HUGE ODDS, the more likely you are to achieve positive, long-term returns.

This means at the end of your trial, if you like what you see, your monthly subscription will just keep rolling on.

And with it operating month-to-month, you're always in TOTAL CONTROL all the way along because you don't have to commit to a fixed contract. If you ever want to walk away (although based on the past performance, some would say it would be "utter madness" if you did), all you need to do is get in touch with me.

So before the door slams shut on this week's
European Tour and PGA Tour events and you miss
out on the next winner-of-a-lifetime...

I strongly recommend you hurry up and get your name down right now for your FULLY PROTECTED, 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 30 DAY TRIAL.

All you need to do to sign-up safely and securely online using your Credit or Debit card is to click on this button…



Or you can use your Paypal account by clicking on this button…

Credit/Debit card

Or if you prefer, give me a call on my personal mobile - 07752 768094 - or contact me at my office on - 01625 315654.

Kind Regards,

Matthew Walton signature



Matthew Walton

Matthew Walton signature




P.S.   When it comes to smiling like a Cheshire cat after celebrating 175/1, 200/1, 250/1 and
          loads of other HUGE WINNERS

In my humble opinion, it's a proven fact that golf betting stands head and shoulders above other sports.

And if you simply copy my Golf Insider's Tournament Winner bets using your special FULLY PROTECTED, 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE 30 DAY TRIAL...

Very soon you could get used to hitting BIG RETURNS of £1,050, £1,200 and £1,500 from small £5 each-way bets.

So you've every reason to stick your name down for your FULLY PROTECTED trial and see what you think.

And don't forget...

Your ultimate package includes your 3 EXTRA BONUS GIFTS of the Round 1 3-Ball Winners plus Major Tournament Speciality Bets and the Exclusive Pre-R4 Golf Insider Updates... all of which I'll also carry on after your first 30 days if you're still involved.

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